Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work with seniors?

Absolutely. We have thousand of hours of experience training with our seniors to reduce inflammation and joint pain and strengthen muscles in order to lead a healthy, active, and vibrant life.

How much do you charge?

Most sessions are between $50 and $65 and will vary based on the length and frequency of your sessions.

Where are you located?

Our personal training studio is is located on the ground floor of our home that borders Tomahawk Creek and trail in Leawood KS. Our address is 12216 Mission Rd Leawood, KS 62209. (See map.)

Do I have to commit for a long time?

Not at all. Your commitment can be for as little as one session, and your first session with us is always free.

How can I get started without making a big commitment?

Call us at (913) 317-5522, email, or contact us to setup a free consult.

Can I train with a friend or do you only train solo?

Yes, we love to buddy or tandem train.

What if I need to reschedule an appointment?

No problem. We ask 24 hours notice to reschedule and give our clients the same courtesy.

Does weight training add bulk for a female?

Not unless you really want it to and can work tremendously hard for it. For most females, weight training is the best way to burn up excess fat and tone muscles without bulking up.

Can personal training help my back, neck, knee, or shoulder pain?

Yes. We are certified and experienced in corrective exercises and trigger point therapy to alleviate aches and pains that make exercise difficult and painful. Training doesn’t always mean reps and sets. Sometimes it means we take a step back and relieve muscle tension and improve flexibility.

I have arthritis, would this be good for me?

One of the best ways to improve your symptoms of arthritis is to pump some blood to nearby muscles and strengthen the joints that are problematic. Training through arthritis requires good communication with us so that we aren’t pushing to hard, but within a short period of time you will probably notice significant improvement.