Massage Guns – What Are They and Are They Worth It?

Massage Guns

What’s the Deal with Massage Guns?

What do massage guns do? Are they as good as everyone says they are? 

So are they effective and worth your hard earned money? What exactly do they do? Are they overhyped? Well let’s find out!

What are They Exactly?

Massage guns are percussion, or vibration therapy.  Depending on the gun and the amplitude, which is the depth that the massage gun goes will determine if it’s vibration therapy, which isn’t as deep or percussion therapy, which is deeper.  Both of these can be effective and it will provide benefits but since percussion goes deeper you will receive more of the benefits you’ll get from a deep tissue massage from a therapist. Generally the more expensive options have a deeper amplitude.

Benefits of Massage Guns

So can percussion or vibration therapy help with trigger points and muscle tissue damage? The short answer is yes, vibration or percussion therapy can get in there and help with inflammation and releasing trigger points. It can also help with circulation and make you feel better. Other benefits of massage guns include muscle relaxation, reduction in muscle cramps/spasms, removal of waste products, and improvement in range of motion.

Besides the benefits just mentioned, massage guns are excellent at reducing delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). DOMS is one of the most common complaints with working out, especially when just starting out.  So after a tough workout, if you want to lessen the soreness that you experience, massage guns have been proven to be very effective for helping to lessen post workout muscular soreness. It’s important to use on the muscles for several minutes to get the full benefit. 

While massage guns can be effective – do NOT use after an acute injury unless recommended by a physical therapist or medical doctor. Recent injuries often need time for tissue remodeling and prematurely using one can cause further problems.


In summary:

  • Massage guns can be an effective tool for improved health and fitness
  • Usually the more expensive models provide more benefit and options
  • Common benefits are helps with circulation, trigger points, and muscle relaxation
  • One of the biggest benefits is reducing muscular soreness
  • Do NOT use on acute injuries unless recommended by a physical therapist


Glen and Yvette Carrigan - Personal Trainer Leawood, KS

Glen Carrigan
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