Is It Safe For Me To Exercise And What Should I Do To Maximize My Results And Prevent Injury?

Is It Safe For Me to Exercise?

Today we’re going to answer that question. How do I know if it’s safe for me to begin an exercise program? Well, one easy way as long as you’re between 15 and 69 years of age, is through filling out what’s called a par Q  And You. This seven question test tells you if you can feel comfortable beginning an exercise program. If you answer all seven questions No, and you’re between those ages you can feel comfortable slowly, starting an exercise program. If you check some of the boxes, yes, you’re going to want to talk to your physician. Here’s a link to the Par Q & You: https://www.acgov.org/wellness/documents/parQandSafety.pdf

The Results

If you’ve checked all those boxes no and/or your physicians giving you the green light to go ahead and begin an exercise program. There’s things that you want to follow when you start an exercise program. First is you want to start with lightweight and you don’t want to just push it to the max right out of the gate. With strength training start with a weight that’s easy for you to handle between 10 and 15 repetitions. When you get to say 10 repetitions, if that’s your goal, you should be able to do a few more. Besides low weight start with only one set, then as your body acclimates you can increase and you can go up from there. For more information on getting started on a strength training program check out our 7 movement patterns video here: https://youtu.be/t7Gy3jjpXLg

What About Cardio?

In regards to cardiovascular exercise – it’s a good idea to try and get at least 75 minutes weekly and if time permits going to 150 minutes a week. You should exercise between 3 to 5 on a rating of perceived exertion scale (RPE). A 3 would be considered light exercise and a 5 would be moderate. Also you should be able to carry on a conversation. After you’ve been exercising for a couple weeks and want to progress you can increase your intensity. For more details on cardiovascular exercise guidelines check out this video: https://youtu.be/U5-BMdTShlU

Don’t Forget About Recovery!

Besides cardio and strength it’s important to stretch, trigger point, and focus on recovery.  We’re learning more and more about the benefits of these techniques. Some of these tools include foam rolling, stretching, and massage guns. For more information on these check out the following video: https://youtu.be/7rOoEVyOibE

Start Slow and Be Safe!

Bottom line it’s important to start slowly and include all of these components to have a safe, effective, and comprehensive fitness program. If you would like a more in-depth course on starting an exercise program or  strength training at 50+ check out my Online Courses Page.

Glen and Yvette Carrigan - Personal Trainer Leawood, KS

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