How Do I Get a Flat Stomach?

How Do I Get a Flat Stomach?

To get a flat stomach is elusive for many. While there are people out there claiming it’s as easy as taking this magic powder or doing this one ab exercise – unfortunately this isn’t the case.  Short of surgery (and even surgery has its drawbacks) there are multiple steps that are required to make a flat or at least flatter stomach a reality. 


The first is nutrition – I know, I know, I know you’ve heard this before, however without a strategy here forget about it. Nutrition is a key component, and several of my blogs and videos touch on this in greater detail. So check out our YouTube channel if you want to learn more and dive deeper. Here I’m just going to outline two things::

  1. Calories in vs. calories out
    1. Here’s one of the best basal metabolic rate calculators I’ve found: https://www.nasm.org/resources/calorie-calculator 
    2. Eat this number of calories and you should drop weight/fat and limit slowing your risk of your metabolism
  2. Macronutrient breakdown
    1. Eat a slightly higher quantity of protein (roughly equal amounts from carbs, fats, and proteins)
    2. Protein is more metabolically active, makes us feel fuller/helps stabilize blood sugar, and helps prevent muscle loss (especially on lower calorie diets).

Exercise is KEY

Besides nutrition, exercise is important. I know you’ve probably heard this 100 times. While you’ve heard it 100 times you might not heard of the following:

  1. Strength Training/Building Muscle is key for a weight loss strategy
  2. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) can help boost metabolism after the workout is over. 
  3. Find ways to be active – Studies show that little things like fidgeting, getting a standing desk, and taking the stairs can add up and help expend more calories. 

Besides burning extra calories, how we stand plays a role in the appearance of our stomach. Because many Americans sit a lot they have an anterior pelvic tilt. An anterior pelvic tilt causes the belly to protrude more – making it look like it’s sticking out more. Through stretching the hip flexors and performing an posterior pelvic tilt can help the stomach look flatter.  Here’s a link with an illustration of an anterior pelvic tilt vs. normal pelvic tilt: https://thephysicaltherapycentre.com.au/anterior-pelvic-tilt/


Genetics also play a role. We all have different fat cells throughout our body. And some people naturally carry fat in certain areas. And that stomach is an area where a lot of people carry a higher percentage of fat cells. Oftentimes men have a higher distribution of fat cells in the midsection, but ladies can as well so we have a genetic component of where our fat cells are distributed. While we have them everywhere, we can have a certain amount or a higher amount in the abdominal area. And if that’s the case, it’s not impossible, but it’s going to be a little bit more difficult to remove fat from that area and get that flat stomach. 

If your genetics are holding you back – have your hormones analyzed by an endocrinologist. Your levels of testosterone, thyroid function, and growth hormone can play a huge role in your ability to burn fat. 


So the bottom line to getting a flatter stomach:

  • Follow good NUTRITION
  • RIGHT kind of EXERCISE
  • Practice good POSTURE
  • Get yourself NEW parents – just kidding! 
  • Analyze your HORMONES 

Glen and Yvette Carrigan - Personal Trainer Leawood, KS

Glen Carrigan
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