A Key One Leg Movement Pattern To Remain Functionally Fit As You Age

One Leg Movement Pattern

A Key One Leg Movement Pattern to Remain Functionally Fit As You Age

Do you ever notice as people age their movements slow down and become more difficult?

Do you want to move well and pain free in your 40s, 50s, and beyond? 

Then read this article to find out a key one leg movement pattern you should incorporate!

A one leg dominant or lunge pattern is key for maximizing functional strength and being able to do activities of daily living with ease.  Just like the name, one of the best movements to strengthen this movement pattern is the lunge. 

When you first start incorporating the lunge you might not be able to go all the way down to where your knee hits the ground. If going down is difficult, start by going halfway or give yourself some assistance. Over time try to go a little bit lower and/or use your arms to help pull yourself up (check out our YouTube channel for a variety of lunge options).

If the lunge pattern is a little too difficult a step up is an easier option.  To perform the step up, put one foot on a step, and just propel your body upwards. With the step up, you have varying step heights. As your fitness level improves, you will increase in height. A good place to start would be 12 inches. Then you can go up higher,  usually up to about 16 inches. If you’re taller, possibly a little higher. 

Whether you’re doing the lunge or the step up weight can be added to increase difficulty. Using dumbbells and/or a weight vest are the ways to increase resistance. 

In Summary:

* One leg/Lunge movement pattern is key to maintaining functional strength

* If a lunge is too difficult perform a step up

* Add weight/resistance when the exercise becomes too easy. 

* Check out our YouTube channel for exercise videos on the lunge and step up.