When you can’t make it to the gym, or simply want to get an extra workout at home, these tools will help. We absolutely stand by each one, have used them, and are happy to show you how to use them and set them up.

If you have any questions about these tools or fitness, please contact us.

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Slastix Toner Resistance Tubing

Fitness Equipment Leawood Kansas 01

The new generation of resistance tubing training. A MUST for working out at home. Learn More.

Myo-Release Ball

Fitness Equipment Leawood, Kansas

Use the Myo-Release Ball in myofascial release exercises and movements to assist in equalizing muscle tension throughout the body. Learn More.

TRX Suspension Training Kit


Train every major muscle group with this home training system.  Kit includes quick set-up guide and more. Learn More.

The Grid

Fitness Equipment Leawood, Kansas

Foam Rollers can be an invaluable tool for core development, stabilization and be used to enhance balance for everyday activities or sports. Learn More.

Rubber Octagonal Dumbbells

Fitness Equipment Leawood, Kansas

Cast metal dumbbell heads encased with a thick rubber coating to prevent chipping and help protect floors and equipment. Learn More.

BOSU Home Balance Trainer

Fitness Equipment Leawood, Kansas

Both sides up! Use either the curved or flat side of this multifunctional core training device. Learn More.