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Weight Loss Flow Chart

WHAT TO DO IF YOUR NOT LOSING WEIGHT EVEN AFTER MODIFYING YOUR DIET AND EXERCISE!   During my nearly thirty years in the fitness industry I have seen many changes. One of the biggest changes I’ve noticed is the difficulty in many individuals ability to lose weight. Fitness professionals, doctors, dietitians, and researchers have all […]


Why the food supply, gut bacteria, and NON caloric items can be causing weight gain! When it comes to weight loss it was once as easy as calories in vs. calories out. Consume less than what your body needs to maintain its current weight and voila the weight comes off.  While once an effective strategy […]

A Comparison of Nutritional Weight Loss Strategies

A Comparison of Nutritional Weight Loss Strategies   Nutrition Journaling   While not a new tool when trying to drop a few pounds it can be an effective weight loss strategy. Also with the prevalence of smartphones journaling is easier and more effective than in previous years. The myfitnesspal app is the most frequently used […]

Five Causes of Low T

It is well known that as individuals age their testosterone begins to decline. While aging is one obvious sign other physical symptoms include extra weight around the midsection, loss of muscle mass, and fat accumulating in the upper chest. Psychological indications include anxiety, crankiness, low libido, fatigue, sleep issues, and depression.   In addition to […]

Latest Fat Loss Research

We all know that exercising more and eating less is required for fat loss. While reducing calories is part of a weight loss strategy there are lesser known things that can also be hindering getting you into a smaller pair of pants. So before diving into fat loss research, let’s look at some of the […]

Metabolic Resistance Training and Fat Loss

Metabolic resistance training has gained popularity in recent years with many individuals using it to help reach their fitness goals. The goal of metabolic resistance training is to maximally expend calories not only during the workout but after as well (afterburn). This type of training has been shown to be quite effective especially for fat […]


We have had several individuals who have asked us about the Whole 30 program. Were going to take a look at what the program is all about, it’s effectiveness, as well as some of the pros and cons of this nutritional strategy.   First it is a 30 day program in which the creators say […]


We all realize that fitness tends to decline with age, however we rarely ask the question – Why we lose fitness as we age??? Having a better understanding of what happens physiologically can help us delay and possibly reverse any fitness decline that happens with age. When it comes to losses in fitness we will […]


Recently companies have started to look beyond traditional DNA testing and how to apply this science to enhance fitness. It works similarly to traditional DNA testing as an individual will swab the inside of their checks to get a sample. This sample is then sent off to be analzyed. The company analyzing the sample will […]

10 Steps – A Common Sense Weight Loss Strategy

With the overwhelming amount of information out there in regards to weight loss it can be very confusing. Today we’re going to outline 10 effective steps you can follow for an effective weight loss strategy.  Many individuals in Leawood, Overland Park, and Greater Kansas City as well as the entire nation have struggled with weight […]